Benefice Lockdown Review

The Prime Minister has now outlined his proposed ‘Road Map’ for returning to normal following the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we now have an outline, we need to consider our own plans for ‘getting back’.

In order to help us in our review it would be great  if you would complete the following questionnaire in order to let us have your thoughts.

For the section "How would rate the following?" Please use a scale of 1-10, where 1 = Poor and 10 = Excellent, or N/A.

What have you missed during lockdown?:
What have you not missed during lockdown? (What would you be happy not to do again?):
What lessons should we learn from lockdown?:
What has been positive during lockdown? (What new things have worked well and should continue?):
What has been negative during lockdown? (what have we lost, not been able to do, or have not worked well?):
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Are there any things you would like us to do differently as we emerge from lockdown?:
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