Parentalk - The Teenage Years

Care For The Family ‘Parentalk – The Teenage Years’ Course
Starts on Wednesday 4th May in Church House

Do you have one or more teenagers in your house? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t recognise the person your child has become since reaching the teenage years? Perhaps your child is on the brink of becoming a teenager and you’d like to be a little more prepared for it.

We will be running the Care For The Family ‘Parentalk – The Teenage Years’ course from Wednesday 4th May for six weeks (there will be a short break for half term) in Church House from 7:30pm – 9:30pm. The course gives parents the opportunity to share their own experiences, learn from each other and explore some essential parenting principles. It is dvd led with breaks for discussion but you don’t have to talk if you would rather just listen.

You can watch a brief overview video about the course here:

We would love to see you. Please drop me an email if you would like to come along at

Key themes and topics explored in Parentalk The Teenage Years:

  • Understanding your teenager
  • Staying connected
  • Identity
  • Communication and conflict
  • Big pressures … good choices
  • Letting go