SharePlan 2022

Dear St Botolph’s Friends               

Organising things like our annual SharePlan project is difficult in the present circumstances, but, as last year, we really mustn’t let SharePlan 2022 suffer because of Covid 19.  So I ask you to open and respond to the attached leaflet about this year’s scheme.

SharePlan is an annual scheme whereby individuals can, if they so wish, contribute towards a financial gift to one of our Mission Link Workers.  The intention is that this is a love-gift to the Link Worker personally (rather than their sponsoring organisation), for them to use as they see fit, to help with either their domestic lives or their ministry.  It is a tangible way of saying to them, “We are right behind you in your work.”  We will shortly be finalising the gift from SharePlan 2021, and when this is done, I will let you know the outcome.

SharePlan works by individuals committing themselves to “purchasing” one or more “shares”, each share being the gift of £1 per month for one year.  After that, the commitment ceases unless the individual wishes to renew it for the following year.  Each year the gift is sent to one or other of our Link Workers, in rotation. 

SharePlan contributions from 2022 are designated for Pastor Dragan Nedic and his wife Sandra.  Dragan is the new pastor of our sister church, Evangelical Church Kosevsko Brdo in Sarajevo.  Dragan took over the leadership of the church from Slavko Hadzic just before Covid hit us, so we have not had the opportunity of getting to know him.  He was due to visit us during our Festival 900+, but of course, Covid put paid to that.

So this is the first opportunity we have had to show in a practical way, that we are behind him in his ministry at Kosevsko Brdo.  It is especially relevant this year, as you might recall that his younger son, Stefan, died suddenly just before Christmas.  SharePlan 2022 is a real opportunity to show Christian love to Dragan and his family.

I warmly recommend SharePlan 2022 to your consideration and ask you to repond generously..

Every blessing,

Derek Wade

Click here to download the SharePlan leaflet & reply slip