Supporting St Bots

Although lockdown is easing somewhat, it is going to be a while before we resume normal public worship.

Since March, finances have been put under considerable strain. Income from Church House room hire has dried up. Being unable to hold “Life event” services, such as weddings, means no fees have been collected. Free will offering by envelope and offertory plate has been badly disrupted.

To try and mitigate this, we have set up Online Giving with “” and “SumUp”. This is a secure and straightforward way to give to St Bots and is backed by Parish Buying, a service provided by the Church of England.

If you would like to give to church then please follow the link below.

If you already give by standing order or direct debit, or are saving up free will offering envelopes, don’t feel you need to use this service also.

Give to St Bots

Last updated 23rd June 2020