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  • Welcome to St Botolph's! 
    We are an evangelical church situated on the edge of Kettering in the village of Barton Seagrave, Northamptonshire.

    Service times for Sunday 25th July

    9:45am Morning service
    11:00am Open-air service at St Edmunds, Warkton
    6:30pm Evening service with Holy Communion

    Please see the Services page for more details


    Freedom! But is it?

    Read the latest Blog post with important information here.


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    St Botolph's Blog
    Good News for Barton Seagrave

    Now that we are free (?!) we would like to introduce social mixing after the morning service at St Botolph’s. The traditional way, of course, to encourage this is to serve coffee, that greatest social lubricant of our time. Of course, we need to be careful to be safe, so we will take the following … Continue reading "Caffeination"

    Freedom! But is it?
    So freedom day has arrived! However, we are still urged to be careful. The Church of England eventually issued its guidelines last Friday afternoon. They are, “you are free to do what you like, but if anything goes wrong it’s on your head!” (a gentle but accurate paraphrase). So, what are we to do? Here’s … Continue reading "Freedom! But is it?"

    The Beginning of the end
    The Prime Minister’s address to the nation last Monday (5th July) will either thrill you or feed your anxiety levels. The end of nearly all restriction could not be more welcome for most, whilst others are still somewhat fearful. We still have no official guidance from the church authorities, but it ought to be very … Continue reading "The Beginning of the end"

    Saturday Hour of Prayer by Zoom Our regular Saturday hour of prayer is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday, 12th June from 9:00am. For joining details please contact Victoria at chrisandvicki1@ntlworld.com Do join us even if you haven’t joined before. It’s a great time to pray for the issues that are on our own … Continue reading ""

    Moving Forward
    All hopes are set on June 21st to be the end of CoV restrictions. I hope and pray that it is, and we can begin to get back to something resembling normality. Of course, this means that we will begin moving our services from virtual ones on the internet back to real services in our … Continue reading "Moving Forward"