Missions Supported

In order to be able to give a worthwhile sum to each of the missions supported, it was agreed some years ago to divide the total sum into six equal "pots". One each of five pots is allocated to the five major missions which the church supports, with the remaining pot kept for smaller donations and one-off appeals, including requests for support for training in evangelism/preaching/mission from people within our own fellowship.

  • CMJ (Church's Ministry along Jewish people)
  • Scripture Union
  • Crosslinks
  • Transform Europe Network (formerly Eurovangelism )
  • OMF International

This list represents support of missions to widely different parts of the world. 

We recognise that missionary interest and support is immensely enhanced if it can be done through personal links with individuals working with the missions concerned. St Botolph's Church has such personal links with workers from each of the missions above. 

In addition to this planned giving from central resources, individuals in the fellowship support such missions as they feel led to, and an Annual Missionary Shareplan scheme operates to make love-gift to one or other of our Link Workers (in rotation).

Please click the links below for details of all missions supported.

CMJ (Church's Ministry amongst Jewish People)


OMF International

Scripture Union

Transform Europe Now